By eFe Muñoz ( with the support of Alexander Kiryanow )


Enve Animation is an Open Source 2D animation program created by Mauricy Liebner for Linux and Windows. It is very promising and as of today (October 2021) is still implementing new features and improvements that you can follow on Github. You can also contribute financially to the project from the download page.


0 –Starting Tips
1- System requirements
2- Create a new project
3- Tools and views
4- Environment and panels
5- Link and import files
6- Transform effects
7- Effects
8- Render Queue

Soon I will also develop a series of animation video tutorials about ENVE on my channel, as I think it is a great application and much more manageable and understandable than programs like Adobe Animation (and free).

It’s true that ENVE has its quirks, but you get used to them quickly, and it’s still not entirely stable (especially when using «undo»), but that’s solved by saving often). It’s still very worthwhile.

I welcome any input to improve the manual and add new links.

Regards to the community!

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