MANUAL ENVE – 08 Render Queue

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0 –Starting Tips
1- System requirements
2- Create a new project
3- Tools and views
4- Environment and panels
5- Link and import files
6- Transform effects
7- Effects
8- Render Queue

8.- Render Queue
8.1.- Common export formats
8.2.- Export in multiple formats

8. Render Queue

Render Queue is the render queue (export).

To send a Scene to Render Queue go to menu Scene > Add to Render Queue.

In the render settings you configure:

Scene: The scene to be exported.

Resolution: Scales the output size in percent.

Width – Height: Modify the size of the Scene.

Frame range: Start and end of the exported animation.

In the Format search box you can type the initials of the format you are looking for.

Activate Show all formats and codecs to see all export options, of which ENVE has a large number.

TIP: The Export SVG function can be found in the menu:
File > Export > Export SVG

To export you must select an output format and press the Render button.

8.1 Common export formats


ENVE does not export to GIF.

A good export system is Webp (low weight) or mp4 and then can be converted to animated GIF with GifTuna. LINK (Available for Linux, Mac and Windows):


In case exporting to mp4 gives an error, try configuring it with these values. 

Format: MP4 (MPEG-4 Part14)


Codec: MPEG-4 part2

Pixel format:yuv420p


The SVG format will be exported from the menu:

File > Export > Export SVG…

8.2 Export in multiple formats

If you want to export in several different formats, you only have to re-activate the left box once you have exported for the first time, modify the parameters you want and export again.

I welcome any input to improve the manual and add new links.

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