MANUAL ENVE – 06 Transform effects

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0 –Starting Tips
1- System requirements
2- Create a new project
3- Tools and views
4- Environment and panels
5- Link and import files
6- Transform effects
7- Effects
8- Render Queue

6.-Transform effects
6.1 Track Effect
6.2. Follow Path Effect
6.3. Follow Object Effect
6.4. Follow Object Relative Effect
6.5 Parent Effect

6. Transform effects

ENVE has 5 transformation effects. You can find them by following the steps below:

  1. Display the properties of the object.
  2. Display the transform properties of the object. You will see «transform effects».
  3. Right click > Choose one of the 5 effects.

You can delete a transformation effect by right-clicking on it > Delete.

6.1 Track Effect

Track Effect

This effect causes an object or group to point in the direction of the target object by dragging it to the «target» box.

6.2. Follow Path Effect

Follow Path Effect

Follow Path allows an object to move along a path. 

The effect gives us the option to rotate in the direction of the path or not.

Using this effect together with Track Effect provides full control of the movement and rotation of the object.

target: We drag the route that will be the route

rotate: Drag the route that will be the course

length based: It counts the frames evenly along the entire trajectory.

complete: Position of the object on the track.

influence: Rotation influence (if «rotate» is activated).

6.3. Follow Object Effect

Follow Object Effect

Follow Object Effect allows one or more objects to follow the movement, rotation or scale of the Target object.

If we do not wish to influence any of these values we will lower their influence from 1 to 0.

An example of lowering the influence on rotation is the relationship between the minute and hour hands of a clock.

We assign to the object «hour» a Follow Object Effect with target: «minute hand» with a rotational influence of 0.083.

Thus each turn of the minute hand will correspond to the rotation of each hour.

1 lap ÷ 12 hours = 0.08333333333…. period.

As ENVE only accepts three decimal places when the 12-turn minute hand will not coincide exactly with the 12 o’clock time.

TIP: If pos influence is set to a value lower than 1, a very interesting perspective effect will be produced.

TIP: You can create a shadow using the Xor layer mode on the duplicate layer of the plane.

6.4. Follow Object Relative Effect

When an object is in a group, it inherits its parent’s transformation, rather than being attached to the object it follows.

6.5 Parent Effect

Puedes usar la función Parent Effect para crear un rig de animación.

To create an arm rig where the parent effect of the hand will be the arm and the parent effect of the arm will be the forearm follow these steps:

Display the object’s options:

transform effects > Add Parent Effects

Unfold transform effects and under target assign the null as the target.

You can also use the function for other tasks such as creating a second axis of rotation of an object or to group several objects into one.

The Null object can be very useful in these cases. LINK

TIP: A negative value of rot influence can be useful to inversely rotate the fingers of a clamp.

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