MANUAL ENVE – 02 Create a new project

Realizado por eFe Muñoz ( con el apoyo de Alexander Kiryanow )


0 –Starting Tips
1- System requirements
2- Create a new project
3- Tools and views
4- Environment and panels
5- Link and import files
6- Transform effects
7- Effects
8- Render Queue

2.- Create a new project
2.1.- Project configuration values
2.2.- Scene configuration

2. Create a new project

From the File menu we will access the options shown in the image on the right.

Crtl + NNew (Nuevo proyecto)
Ctrl + O Open (abrir)
Open recent (abrir recientes)
Ctrl+LLink (enlazar)
Ctrl+IImport File (importar archivos)
Import Image Sequence
   Ctrl+S  Save (guardar) .ev .xev
  Ctrl+Shift+S Save as (guardar como)
Save Backup (guardar copia de seguridad)
Export (exportar)
Close (cerrar Scene)
Exit (Salir)

2.1. Project configuration values


Here you can configure whether the graphics acceleration process depends more on your CPU or your GPU depending on what type of graphics card you have installed. You can also test and see what suits you best.

Menú Edit > Settings


Here you can enlarge the overall scale of icons and panel elements. You must restart ENVE to see the changes.

Canvas & Timeline

Here you can change colors and sizes of Timeline elements.

External Apps

Here you can configure with which external applications you modify files already imported into ENVE. This way you can modify a file and it will be automatically updated in the project.

2.2. Scene configuration

When creating a new file ENVE creates a Scene and allows us to assign the following values to it.

Name: Nombre de la escena.

Width – Height: canvas dimensions in pixels.

Duration: Length of the scene. You can choose whether you measure the duration of the scene in total frames or in seconds. Frames will always be displayed in the Timeline.

Fps: Frame rate per second.

Background: background color of the Scene.

We can create several scenes and keep them open.

Switch scenes by clicking on the scene name in the upper left corner of the view.


We can also link one scene within another.
On the scene canvas press:

Right-click > Link Scene > Select scene

I welcome any input to improve the manual and add new links.

Saludos a la comunidad!

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